Performance Meets Protection with Tannus Armour

These new inserts are a fantastic upgrade for your tubeless setup. Why would you need them, you ask? To protect your rims and increase sidewall stiffness. Ride with more confidence and control, with increased traction and vibration absorption.

Why we like the Tannus Tubeless tire inserts

They are light! Only 150g per insert! If you are switching from tubes to tubeless, there would be no weight difference.

Easy to install. Heard of nightmare installs with some of the other inserts out there? Not these! Check out their install video, done straight at the trail head:

No special valves required. The unique design allows the use of traditional tubeless valves. So you are also saving money!

Whether you are rolling a 27.5" or 29", we have them in stock in both sizes.

What about price? They are less expensive than most competitors at just $90.00 per wheel.

Check out the NSMB review:

If you are looking to increase your sidewall support and prevent flat tires, Tannus Armour might be just what you need. 

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