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Ridehub has come a long way since its debut a couple of years ago. With the help of Coast Line Films, we wanted to share what we are all about in a short video. If you are curious to know more, read the article below. 


“It started with Matt and I leaving Toronto when we started a family and moving to Horseshoe Valley where we were surrounded with singletrack trails. We got into mountain biking with some local riders/trail builders there who gave us words of wisdom like TITS and TTFU “time in the saddle” and “toughen the fuck up”. We wanted to make bikes our life, I mean it already was but we wanted to share the stoke. So we started our first guiding company, partnered with the local resort and helped develop mountain bike tourism in Simcoe County. Matt was and has always been a super talented rider and communicator, so coaching a skills camps started by request and took off in Ontario. Then, we got a taste of BC and that was all it took. We started coming out to BC every summer to ride bikes and each time we left it got harder. From that point, we knew we wanted to live here. 

One night over a bottle of pinot we made the decision and literally within a week we sold our house on the corner of Highlands Drive in Horseshoe and bought a new home on the corner of Highlands Way North in Squamish. We sold our first business to one of our guides in Ontario and started RideHub here. We took our time to understand the community, apply for tenure, permits etc. and launched in full in 2018 with RideHub Mobile. The first 2 years were a very soft opening. Our clients and customers come back from all over the world, they send their friends, and we have grown through genuine connections.” 

- Sara Archer

A new chapter to Ridehub was added with the opening of Ridehub Café. With things ramping up, a brick and mortar store was the next natural step. We decided to combine our passion for mountain biking and our love for coffee. We wanted Ridehub to really become this space where people meet before heading out to the trails, grab their coffee while their bikes are being taking care of and where people would grab a healthy snack after their ride. Opening during a world pandemic wasn’t an easy task, but we are so grateful for the community and for everyone who made Ridehub Café their daily coffee stop and/or placed their bikes in our experienced mechanic’s hands.  

A year later, we are tackling our next chapter, Ridehub is going online. This won’t just be your regular bike store going virtual, will host a plethora of videos about products (obviously) but also mechanic and coaching tips, interviews, crash analysis (why not?), energy gels blind tasting, coffee talks and whatever else we feel like sharing! Our goal is that it becomes your reference for anything biking while being entertaining. 

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