49N Enduro Innertube (1.2MM) – Presta Valve (P/V)


Size: 700c x 35 - 50 mm
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• 49N Enduro butyl tubes see the standard wall thickness increased to 1.2mm (+33%) for improved durability and resistance to pinch punctures, especially pinch punctures
• Suitable for either your mountain bike or road/commuter bike and adds instant additional puncture protection without adding significant weight
• P/V Presta valve (French valve) in 48mm length for excellent double wall rim compatibility
• Easily identifiable from the BLACK colour-coded box
• Automated hot-feed extrusion with hydraulic press-cured vulcanization for consistent, high-quality, reliable construction
• All tubes are inflated and stored for 24hrs to check for leaks/defects prior to being packaged
• Low-lead nickel-plated valve with a threaded valve and removable core
• Packaged individually (carton/boxblack)

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