Abus Tresor 6615C Steel-O-Flex


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  • Overlapping steel shells protect the inner steel cable
  • Molded numbers on the dial will never wear off
  • 4-digit combination lock
  • Snap Cage mounting Universal included (fitting most frame shapes O 15 - 55mm)
  • Can be mounted easily without any tooling
  • The lock can be rotated by 90 degrees within the cage


  • Thickness In mm: 15mm
  • Lock Size Imperial: 2.8'
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Bracket: Frame mount bracket (included)
  • Lock Size Metric: 85cm
  • Lock Type: Combination

Distributor Metadata:
13657 3 Abus, Tresor 6615C, Armored cable with combination lock, 15mm x 85cm (15mm x 2.8')

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