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Bjorn have partnered with ODI - a leader in grip technology - to produce 100% recycled rubber grips. The grips are made at ODI’s headquarters in the USA using post-industrial rubber from ODI’s grip manufacturing. It's like the best parts of all their grips rolled into one. 


  • Made from our recycled proprietary compound material
  • Reinforced plastic ends
  • NEW SINGLE CLAMP - Version 2.1 Lock-On System
  • Offset design giving you more padding where you need it and less where you dont
  • Textured “pads” for added comfort


  • Ergonomic: No
  • Grip Length: 135mm
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Grip Type: Single locking
  • Color: Black/Black

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D33BJB-B ODI, Bjorn, Grips, 135mm, Black/Black, Pair

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