Renthal Apex 35 Stem


Length: 33mm
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The Renthal Apex combines All Mountain strength, Enduro stiffness and XC lightweight.

Unique 240° handlebar clamps allow much of the stem body material to be removed, whilst retaining the strength and stiffness demanded by modern, wide handlebars.

The Apex is fully CNC machined, featuring an oversize centre bore, extensive 3D machining and external webbing to maximise structural strength and stiffness and minimise weight.

Distributor Metadata:
STM117-BKAG Renthal, Apex 35, Stem, Clamp: 35mm, L: 33mm, Steerer: 28.6mm, ±6°, Black/Gold
STM119-BKAG Renthal, Apex 35, Stem, Clamp: 35mm, L: 50mm, Steerer: 28.6mm, ±6°, Black/Gold
STM118-BKAG Renthal, Apex 35, Stem, Clamp: 35mm, L: 40mm, Steerer: 28.6mm, ±6°, Black/Gold
STM120-BKAG Renthal, Apex 35, Stem, Clamp: 35mm, L: 60mm, Steerer: 28.6mm, ±6°, Black/Gold

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