Serfas True 750 Lumen Headlight TSL-750M

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The Serfas© True 750 MTB features 750 lumens of crystal clear bright night time illumination to make out every turn of the trail and 280 lumens in flash mode to make sure all eyes are on you. A smart grippy extra large power button with LED backlit battery level indicator ensures surefire operation and convenient battery monitoring so there are no unwelcome surprises on the trail. Go-Pro®, helmet, and bar bracket included.


  • Super bright 750 lumen output
  • Extra large grippy power button
  • Backlit led battery level indicator
  • USB rechargeable
  • Weight: 125 grams w/ bracket
  • Battery: Samsung® 1-cell li-ion, 2600 mah
  • 1A fast charging
  • Last mode memory (in solid mode)
  • Go-Pro®, helmet, and bar bracket included
  • Removable li-ion battery
  • No tools required installation


  • Solid mode:
    • High 750 lumens — 2 hrs
    • Medium 350 lumens — 3.25 hrs
    • Low 180 lumens — 7.75 hrs

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