Spank Fratelli Tubeless Tape 8 Meter Roll


Width: 30mm
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SPANK Industries' Fratelli Tape, is a special ultra-light polyamide, adhesive tubeless conversion tape, which is ideal for SPANK's patented OohBah profile rims. Fratelli tape makes tubeless set up simple, and adapts well to a variety of rim types, including sleeved and welded joints. 25mm width tape is suggested for rims up to 29mm internal width, and 30mm tape for rims 30mm internal width and greater. With adhesive properties unaffected in a wide temperature range, Fratelli tape is also perfect for winter riders, or those in exceptionally hot environments.

Distributor Metadata:
R01C08NAM030SPK SPK FRAT 8M TUBELESS TAPE 30MM Spank 30mm Tubeless Tape for Two OohBah Profiled Rims or One OohBah Profiled Wheelset
R01C08NAM000SPK SPK FRAT 8M TUBELESS TAPE 25MM Spank 25mm Tubeless Tape for Two OohBah Profiled Rims or One OohBahProfiled Wheelset

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