SRAM Centerline 2 Piece Brake Rotor ISO 6-Bolt


Diameter: 140mm
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The famous SRAM Centerline Rotor was designed with vents that run through the center of the braking track to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation while dissipating heat, thereby minimizing vibration and offering consistent performance and a quiet ride. Take advantage of the latest in SRAM disc brake rotor technology with the SRAM Centerline Rotor.


  • Centerline 2 Piece Black (includes Steel rotor bolts) Rounded


  • Disc Diameter: 140mm - 160 mm - 180mm
  • Hub Compatibility: ISO 6B
  • Disc Material: Stainless Steel - Aluminum
  • Disc Technology: Centerline

Distributor Metadata:
00.5018.037.016 SRAM, Centerline 2 Piece, Rotor, 140mm, ISO 6B, Steel Bolts
00.5018.037.018 SRAM, Centerline 2 Piece, Rotor, 160mm, ISO 6B, Steel Bolts
00.5018.037.020 SRAM, Centerline 2 Piece, Rotor, 180mm, ISO 6B, Steel Bolts

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