SRAM Powerlink (4 pack)


Speed: 8 Speed
Color: Silver
Type: Standard
Sale price$24.00
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Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In contrast, the PowerLink connection is just as strong and durable as every other link in the chain. It can be opened and closed as may times as you want without using any tools.




  • Speed:
    • 8
    • 9
    • 11
    • 12

Distributor Metadata:
72.2742.200.750 SRAM, Powerlink, 8sp chain connector, Silver, Card of 4
72.2740.200.751 SRAM, Powerlink, 9sp chain connector, Gold, Card of 4
85.2737.270.074 SRAM, Powerlock, 10sp chain connector, Black, Card of 4
00.2518.003.000 SRAM, Powerlock, 11sp chain connector, Silver, Card of 4
00.2518.027.003 SRAM, Powerlock, 12sp chain connector, Rainbow, Card of 4
00.2518.027.007 SRAM, PowerLock, 12sp chain connector, Silver, Card of 4
00.2518.036.003 SRAM, Power Link/ Power Lock, 12 speed Flattop, 4pcs

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