SRAM S900 Aero Hydro T Hydraulic Disc Brake


Position: Rear
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For aero disciplines, hydraulic disc brakes can reveal a whole new world of speed savings. Less time slowing down is more time going fast. Better brakes mean faster splits, thanks to confidence-inspiring brake performance. Hydraulic road disc brakes (HRD) also allow for more aerodynamic frame designs, lower hand effort, shorter braking distances, and easier changes between wheelsets. SRAM Aero HRD is unconditional braking for unconditional riders.


  • Optimized power and modulation for triathlon and time trial
  • Reach Adjust allows for custom fit
  • Stealth-a-majig™ connector makes initial setup fast and convenient
  • Bleeding Edge™ technology for quick, hassle-free bleeds


  • Caliper Mount: Flat Mount
  • Position: Front - Rear
  • Hydraulic Hose Length:
    • 1050mm
    • 1900mm
  • Fluid: DOT 5.1
  • Lever Blade Material: Carbon

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00.5018.115.000 SRAM, S900 Aero Hydro T, Hydraulic disc brake, Front, Flat mount, black, Not included
00.5018.115.001 SRAM, S900 Aero Hydro T, Hydraulic disc brake, Rear, Flat mount, black, Not included

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