Stan's No Tubes Flow Mk3 Rim


Size: 27.5
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  • Built for stability at any speed.
  • Designed for All-Mountain/Enduro use
  • Optimal WideRight tire sizing range 2.35"-2.8"
  • 29mm internal width for tires up to 2.8"
  • Laterally stiffer, stronger and lighter for improved handling
  • Developed on the EWS and WC DH circuits
  • Weights: 26"/445g, 27.5"/ 480g, 29"/527g

Distributor Metadata:
RTFT70003 Stan's No Tubes, Flow Mk3, Rim, 27.5", ISO 584, 32H, White/Red
RTFT90004 Stan's No Tubes, Flow Mk3, Rim, 29", ISO 622, 32H, White/Red

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