Tannus Armour Tire Insert (with tubes)


Size: 29 x 2.0-2.5
Sale price$75.00
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Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection. At the heart of Tannus is our patented Aither Technology. Aither is a multi-cell foam compound that forms the structure of the Armour.


  • Easy installation
  • Reduce punctures risk
  • Protects your rims from impact and sharp object penetration
  • Sidewall protection
  • Ideal For E-bike and MTB

Distributor Metadata:
TA2720 Tannus, Armour, Tire insert, 27.5 x 2.0-2.5
TA2920 Tannus, Armour, Tire insert, 29 x 2.0-2.5

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