Wera 844/7 Tap Bits Set


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  • 7-piece tapping drill bit set in a stable plastic box for the cutting of metric threads.
  • The hexagonal bit shaft ensures very good power transfer.
  • The finely-tuned material elasticity provides for great durability.
  • Perfect chip removal and a low tilt risk.
  • The Rapidaptor ensures rapid bit change without any extra tools.
  • 1/4'' hexagon, suitable for Drill
  • Taps included:
  • 1x 3x33 mm1x 4x35 mm1x 5x36 mm1x 6x40 mm1x 8x40 mm1x 10x40 mm

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05104654001 Wera, 844/7 Tap Bits Set, 1/4'', Set

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