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Compatibility: 22.2 Clamp
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Solve common dropper remote complaints with the compact, ergonomic and sturdy ReMote dropper lever. 

Beginning with a long list of rider and mechanic requests, the Wolf Tooth team set out to address each and every one. From its hassle-free installation to smooth ball bearing action to engineered failure point, the lightweight ReMote leads in every category. 


  • Remote lever for cable-actuated drop posts
  • Low profile lever with natural thumb movement and better ergonomics than original remotes
  • Long paddle offers increased leverage for easy actuation
  • Large diameter (21mm) sealed ball bearing pivot for smooth operation
  • Easy to use cable routing and fixation
  • Integrated cable adjustment barrel allows hassle free on-the-fly adjustments
  • Breakaway axle pivot : only the axle will break in the event of a crash, reducing replacement costs
  • Compatible with most cable-actuated dropper posts


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum with Delrin Axle
  • Weight:
    • Shimano I-Spec A/B: 36g
    • Shimano I-Spec II: 35g
    • SRAM Matchmaker: 38.5g
    • 22.2 Clamp: 38g
    • Shimano I-Spec EV: 35g

Distributor Metadata:
REMOTE-CLMP Wolf Tooth components, Remote, 22.2mm clamp
REMOTE-ISII Wolf Tooth components, Remote, For Shimano I-Spec II
REMOTE-ISAB Wolf Tooth components, Remote, For Shimano I-Spec A/B
REMOTE-MM Wolf Tooth components, Remote, For SRAM MatchMaker
REMOTE-ISEV Wolf Tooth components, Remote, For Shimano I-Spec EV

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