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ReMote Drop Bar is the bar-end dropper post lever for drop bar bikes. As gravel bikes have taken off, more and more riders have discovered the joy of exploration while renewing their love for local and less-technical trails. And riders are finding that there are sections of trail that are just more fun with a lower center of gravity.


  • 31.8mm clamp makes this ReMote perfect for CX, Gravel and all-road/adventure bikes with dropper posts
  • Compatible with most cable-actuated drop posts
  • Improved ergonomics compared to stock remotes
  • Ball bearing pivot for smooth operation
  • Easy to use cable routing and fixation
  • Integrated cable adjustment
  • Breakaway axle pivot to reduce replacement costs in a crash
  • 2 lever lengths: -01: standard, -02: Light Action (longer)

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REMOTE-CLAMP-31.8 Wolf Tooth components, Remote 31.8, Standard
REMOTE-LA-CLMP-31.8 Wolf Tooth components, Remote 31.8, Light Action

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