Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor Pump


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  • Z-switch System (Presta, Scharader and Dunlop compatible)
  • Gauge with magnifying lens
  • Integrated locking hook
  • Composite Base for better stability
  • Ball and Bladder Heads
  • Max Pressure 11 bar / 160 psi
  • Hose length: 1100 mm


  • Pump Base Material: Composite
  • Gauge Type: Standard
  • Pump Barrel Material: Steel
  • Pump Head: Z-switch
  • Air Release: No
  • Primary Color: Red
  • Pump Max PSI: 160psi
  • Valve: Presta, Schrader, Dunlop

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0864 Zefal, Profil Max FP30, Floor Pump, Z-switch, 160psi, Red

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