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(very scientific) Chain Lube Test

With all the product shortages we have been experiencing, taking care of our drivetrain important. With a good choice of chain lube and a bit of maintenance, your drivetrain can last a lot longer.

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Ridehub has come a long way since its debut a couple of years ago.
With the help of CoastLine Films, we wanted to share what we are all about in a short video.


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Endura MT500 waterproof jacketEndura MT500 waterproof jacket
Endura Endura MT500 waterproof jacket
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Endura FS260 Pro Adrenaline Race capeEndura FS260 Pro Adrenaline Race cape
Endura Endura FS260 Pro Adrenaline Race cape
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Endura MT500 Thermal JerseyEndura MT500 Thermal Jersey
Endura Endura MT500 Thermal Jersey
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Endura Hummvee Flipjak JacketEndura Hummvee Flipjak Jacket
Endura Endura Hummvee Flipjak Jacket
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gear for the year episode about chain lubes

(Very Scientific) Chain Lube Test "Gear for the year"

Jakob Hartman
In this episode of" Gear For The Year" we tested the MucOff Dry, Wet, and Ceramic lubes, Peaty's lube and Tri-Flow in a head on, "scientific" test to find the smoothest flowing one of the bunch. 
Gear for the year regarding Tannus armour

Gear for the Year- Tannus Armour

Jakob Hartman
First installment of Ridehub's "Gear of the Year", featuring Jaka Hartman will talk about Tannus inserts
Coffee chat with Andrew

Coffee chat with Andrew

Anne-Fred Grenier
We've been serving Agro Roasters for almost a year now, so we asked our friend Andrew to chat about the different beans we have been brewing at Ri...


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